2018 Male Hidden Gene Woma Enchi Odium Ball Python

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2018 Male Hidden Gene Woma Enchi Odium Ball Python

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18BAPY00152 R7Wall

Ball Pythons are a perfect first pet and a staple for any experienced hobbyist due to their relatively small size, compact build, and calm temperament. They come in a seemingly infinite array of colors and patterns ranging from pure white to a patchwork of bright yellows, pinks, browns, etc.  The possibilities are endless! Their care is also pretty straightforward. Preferring compact spaces, a baby will live happily within the dimensions of a ten gallon aquarium while large adults will need something closer to a 20-30 gallon enclosure. With the exception of a clean water source preferably one your animal can submerge in to aid in shedding and a heat gradient of low 80s to mid 90s with a hide on either side what you choose to furnish your enclosure with is up to you. It’s always best to keep in mind that ball pythons can be shy preferring small spaces to wedge themselves into. You will want to provide prey that is roughly the size of the diameter of your snake.

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