NERD's Questions and Answers FAQ

Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQ to hopefully answer many of the most often asked questions about NERD and our animals and our policies. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please use our Ask An Expert form or call us at 603-382-2772.

YES! NERD is known for breeding unique and beautiful ball pythons and ball python morphs. A ball python morph is a ball python that is bred to have a specific color and/or pattern appearance. Ball python morphs that we have include albino, pied or piebald, bumblebee, clown, enchi and other stunning variations. Visit our Ball Pythons page to see available ball python morphs and ball pythons.

NERD Payment Plan/Deposit Policy

  • 30 day Payment plans on purchases more than $500 and less than $5,000.00.
  • 60 Day Payment plans are available on purchases over $5,000.00.
  • We do not currently offer payment plans for orders under $500.

Our payment plans require a 50% deposit of the total purchase price. This is a nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit. You will be sent a deposit agreement to be signed when the original 50% deposit is made. The deposit covers the cost of the animal as well as shipment.


If you fail to complete payment within the date given, or you are not consistent with payments, any payments made up to that point will remain with us. Your deposit will be voided and the animal will be placed back up for sale.

CANCELLATION POLICIES If you place an order with us and choose to cancel for any reason, we will retain 50%, the cost of our nonrefundable deposit, as a restocking fee. This fee will cover the time the animal could have remained active on the website, as well as our employees' time for the care of that animal since the purchase.

We understand that this may seem unfair or frustrating. We have thousands of animals in the facility with very little time to spare to deal with cancellations and the disruptions said cancellations cause. If you aren't fully committed to the purchase of an animal when you check out, please wait until you are 100% certain you definitely want that animal and that you have the funds available to purchase the animal. It isn't fair to our staff, the animal, or other customers who are interested in the animal.

Furthermore, if you place an order and we hold for shipment beyond 30 days, and receive no communication from you, the entire order will be forfeited and there will be no refund issued due to the time the animals should have remained on the website and been sold.

NERD RETURN POLICY: We consider it the new keeper's responsibility to have the proper housing and husbandry care requirements taken care of before the purchase and shipment of their new animal. If something occurs within the first 24 hours of your animal's arrival, contact us immediately! We will work together to figure out if there is a resolution or solution that can be agreed upon.

YES! Absolutely! We will have you send us an email us with your full name and phone number so we have multiple contact options for when we have animals come back into stock. If it is a sought after species it could obviously take some time depending on how many people are in line ahead of you before you will receive a call or email about availability. We always suggest keeping an eye on our website anyways in case we happen to list something that you’ve been waiting for!

NO! We cannot obtain wildlife permits for you! If you aren't aware of what your state's regulations are, you must contact your local fish and game agency to see if the species you're look to purchasing is legal to own without a permit. It is up to you to know the laws and regulations of your state. We will require proof of permit when necessary.

No, unfortunately we can't. We produce hundreds to thousands of babies, of multiple species, each year. At this time we don't keep exact hatch dates on animals. When we list them, we list what year the animal was hatched out so you have a base idea of age.

Our facility is not open to the public unless you book a private tour or visit when our public tours are available. If you’d like to come view animal before you purchase it, we will have you wait in our retail store downstairs and someone down there will inform us of your arrival and we will bring it down for you to look at.

Yes we do! Pricing will depend on availability and what you’re looking to check out with the Kevin himself. For availability and pricing please feel free to email us at or call our storefront at (603) 382-2772 to ask!

We offer several options for parties and educational shows, from hands-on animal adventures in your home, to parties held in our exciting Cave environment. 

NERD "Cave Parties" offer the best of the animal kingdom in a unique environment that will please kids and grown-ups alike! Our world-class breeding facility is home to a vast collection of rare and beautiful animals, so events at The Cave offer access to a wider variety of remarkable creatures than what can travel to an off-site location. The rarest gems of our reptilian collection are highlights of any Cave Party. Click To Learn More

NERD educational outreach programs are offered to many types of groups and institutions. We bring our program to individual schools/classrooms, daycares, libraries, civic groups like the Girl and Boy Scouts, Moms groups, church groups and others. Educational Outreach shows accommodate groups of 30-40 people and include 12-15 animals. If you have a larger group, we recommend contacting us for arrangements to maintain the interactive aspect of this presentation.

YES! We offer a live arrival guarantee. We do not offer any guarantee past your animal arriving safely as the animals we have available for sale are well started, eating, and in perfect health when they leave the facility. ** Live Arrival Guarantee does NOT apply to amphibians.

If your animal is DOA (dead upon arrival) we require the following:

  • pictures of the box
  • pictures of the entire animal, as well as a video of the animal to confirm that is is in fact deceased.

In the very very rare case that this happens, please contact us immediately so that we can check our facility for either a replacement animal or discuss another option to make sure you are taken care of.

We ship FedEx priority overnight for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates so your animal will arrive to you the next day. Using Ship Your Reptiles, we provide you with immediate tracking so that you are able to monitor your shipment during its travel. Click to Learn More About Shipping