NERD Payment Plans, Cancellations, Returns and Other Policies


NERD Payment Plan/Deposit Policy:

  • 30 day Payment plans on purchases more than $750.00 and less than $5,000.00.
  • 60 Day Payment plans are available on purchases over $5,000.00.
  • We do not currently offer payment plans for orders under $750.00

Our payment plans require a 50% deposit of the total purchase price.  This is a nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit.

You will be sent a deposit agreement to be signed when the original 50% deposit is made. The deposit covers the cost of the animal as well as shipment.

Failure To Complete Payment Plan: If you fail to complete payment within the date given, or you are not consistent with payments, any payments made up to that point will remain with us. Your deposit will be voided and  the animal will be placed back up for sale.



If you place an order with us and choose to cancel for any reason regardless of time frame, we will retain 50%, the cost of our nonrefundable deposit, as a restocking fee.  This fee will cover the time the animal could have remained active on the website, as well as our employees' time for the care of that animal since the purchase.

We understand that this may seem unfair or frustrating.  We have thousands of animals in the facility with very little time to spare to deal with cancellations and the disruptions said cancellations cause. If you aren't fully committed to the purchase of an animal when you check out, please wait until you are 100% certain you definitely want that animal and that you have the funds available to purchase the animal. It isn't fair to our staff, the animal, or other customers who are interested in the animal.

Furthermore, if you place an order and we hold for shipment beyond 30 days and receive no communication from you, the entire order will be forfeited and there will be no refund issued due to the time the animals should have remained on the website and been sold.


We consider it the new keeper's responsibility to have the proper housing and husbandry care requirements taken care of before the purchase and shipment of their new animal. If something occurs within the first 24 hours of your animal's arrival, contact us immediately! We will work together to figure out if there is a resolution or solution that can be agreed upon.


If your animal is DOA (dead upon arrival) we require the following:

  • pictures of the box
  • pictures of the entire animal
  • video of the animal to confirm that it is in fact deceased.
In the very rare case that this happens, contact us immediately so that we can check our facility for either a replacement animal or discuss another option to make sure you are taken care of.