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Prior to COVID, public tours of NERD were given every Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm.  We can’t wait to get back to doing these Saturday and Sunday tours when it’s deemed safe. NERD is still doing tours but you must call to book and schedule a tour date.

Please book your tour a minimum of 10 days in advance. Our bookings fill up quickly and we are unable to accomodate short notice requests for tours. 

If you are interested in booking a tour, please Call Us (603) 382-3338. 

PRIVATE TOUR PRICES - Tours are 1 hour long

  • Group of up to 10 people – $175.00 per each group
  • Personal tour (up to 10 people) with Kevin McCurley – $350.00 
  • $75.00 each additional hour
  • Additional people, $25.00 each

Looking to plan a memorable party or event?  Check out NERD’s Interactive Animal Experience! 

We offer several options for parties and educational shows, from hands-on animal adventures in your home to parties held in our exciting Cave environment.  These animal experiences are exciting and memorable!

We captivate our audiences with an outstanding display of exotic animals, presented in a safe, fun and informative manner. 

Our educational shows promote awareness and respect for all living things, and feature the most diverse collection of exciting reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and much, much more!

Audience Participation Always Welcomed and Encouraged

Animals are displayed in a show-and-tell format and audience participation is not only welcomed, but strongly encouraged.  All of our critters are very tame, allowing you and your party a hands-on experience so you can see exactly what makes each animal so unique.

Many of our animals are quite large and all of them are memorable in presence and rarity.  NERD parties and educational shows offer a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity so be sure to bring your camera.  You may also engage our professional photographer for pictures of your special event.

NERD Parties and Tours

Fun, Exciting and Educational - NERD Events/Parties at The Cave

Let us host your next birthday party, gathering or event in The Cave – our spectacular function room.  The Cave features all naturalistic rockwork, a waterfall and turtle pond, and showcases a variety of exotic animals from our state-of-the-art facility.

Have you ever been up close and personal with a friendly alligator, or held a pink and purple python? 

You will get up close and personal and even hold a few of our exotics at The Cave!  Events in The Cave bring you face to face with rare and exotic animals that are sure to entertain and fascinate guests of all ages.

The Cave - The Best Of The Animal Kingdom

Cave Parties offer the best of the animal kingdom in a unique environment that will please kids and grown-ups alike!  Our world-class breeding facility is home to a vast collection of rare and beautiful animals, so events at The Cave offer access to a wider variety of remarkable creatures than what can travel to an off-site location.  The rarest gems of our reptilian collection are highlights of any Cave Party.

From tiny geckos to enormous pythons, giant dragons and 100-year-old turtles, our animals will make your birthday party, meeting or event one to remember for a lifetime!

Cave Events/Parties Cost: $350.00 

Our Exotic Animals Would Love To Visit Your Home! NERD Will Bring The Jungle To YOU! 

Experience our incredible animals in your own living room or in your back yard!  NERD’s In-Home shows are designed to accommodate up to 25 guests.  If you have a larger group, we recommend contacting us for arrangements so that we are able to maintain the interactive aspect of your animal presentation.


  • First hour : $275 
  • Additional hours; $100/hr
  • Mileage fee applies over 10 mile radius

Educational Group Shows And Events

We offer fun and interactive educational shows to schools, scout groups, churches, individual classrooms and universities.  NERD’s Educational Shows accommodate groups of 30-40 people and larger groups as well.  We bring along 10-15 animals.  If you have a larger group, we recommend contacting us for arrangements to maintain the interactive aspect of this presentation. 


  • 30-50: First hour: $375 
  • 50-75: First hour: $450
  • 75 and over: First hour: $600
  • Additional hours, $100/hr
  • Mileage fee applies over 10 mile radius

Our Famous Exotics Have Made Many Appearances!

In addition to entertaining guests at our parties and events, our amazing exotics have appeared with the following:

Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, Bindi “The Jungle Girl” Irwin & Terri Irwin, Jeff Corwin, Conan O’Brien, Tony Danza, Kathi Lee Gifford, Fox & Friends, THe Morning Show w/Mike & Juliet, Animal Planet, Six Flags New England, New England Aquarium (Boston), Lowell Spinners, NH Fisher Cats, and various print, TV & online media appearances and presentations.

CALL (603) 382-2772 TO BOOK TODAY!