NERD Shipping: Snakes, Reptiles, Arachnids, Lizards, Amphibians Etc.


Until Further Notice: ALL LIVE ANIMAL SHIPMENTS will be held at the FedEx Hub nearest to the animal's final destination.

This change in shipping arrangements is for the continued safety of the animals. 


Our current available shipping days are Tuesday and Wednesday WEATHER PERMITTING. We do not ship past these days for the safety of the animal and to avoid any possible late week delays. We do not ship on the weekends at all.


We ship FedEx priority overnight for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates so your animal will arrive to you the next day. We provide you with tracking so that you are able to monitor your shipment during its travel.

To make sure that your animal is packaged safe and secure, we use insulated boxes with heat or cool packs depending on the season, and make sure the animal has stuffing not only in the box but the bag or container it is traveling in as well.

You will also receive our electronic sales agreement which is required to be signed before your animal leaves our facility. If you give us a ship date and don't sign the agreement the animal will not leave. If you sign the agreement and don't respond to our email about a shipping date the animal will also not leave. Do not call to schedule shipment, we require email correspondence for your animal to leave so we have a paper trail to confirm the shipment date, our signed agreement, and that the animal has shipped.


We offer live arrival guarantee only! We do not offer any guarantee past your animal arriving safely as the animals we have available for sale are well started, eating, and in perfect health when they leave the facility. We consider it the new keepers responsibility to have the proper housing and care requirements taken care of before the purchase and shipment of their new animal. If something occurs within the first 24 hours we are to be contacted immediately to figure out if there is a resolution or solution that can be addressed.

**Live Arrival Guarantee does NOT apply to amphibians.**


Please know the legalities of the animals you are purchasing! If you aren't aware of what your states regulations are, please do not ask us! It is best that you contact your local fish and game office to see if the species you're looking at purchasing is legal or requires permitting.

We do require proof of permits on animals such as Dwarf Caiman. If you are in any state in New England, besides New Hampshire, please be aware that Reticulated Pythons are illegal. If your animal gets stopped in transit and is seized we are not liable. Once an animal leaves our property, it is no longer our responsibility.


If your animal is DOA (dead upon arrival) we require the following:

  • pictures of the box
  • pictures of the entire animal, as well as a video of the animal to confirm that is is in fact deceased.
In the very rare case that this happens, contact us immediately so that we can check our facility for either a replacement animal or discuss another option to make sure you are taken care of.