It's World Snake Day!

World Snake Day is a day meant to increase awareness about the over 3,000 snake species that exist around the world. Let's celebrate snakes and raise awareness about their plight and the need to actively work for better preservation efforts.

Snakes are threatened by most of the same things that are affecting many animals including habitat loss, climate change, and disease. Negative attitudes toward snakes may be the biggest threat to their preservation and existence. People who don't feel positive about an animal won't work to protect it and may work to erradicate it.

We need to all work together to raise awareness about the plight of snakes and to change negative attitudes about them. It's simple to start, just tell others how wonderful these animals really are!  

Here are four basic and fun facts to get you going: 

  • Some snakes are very social
  • Some snakes can change color
  • Snakes are important to the ecosystem
  • Some snakes don't lay eggs but give birth to live babies


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