Rat Snakes



Snakes need a safe enclosure and a hide (for hiding) inside their enclosures.

All snakes should have some form of under-tank heating and temperatures and humidity should be well regulated for your specific species.

Snakes are carnivores so get used to feeding them live, or dead, prey like rats and mice.

Snakes need safe bedding in their enclosures; never use cedar in your snake enclosure - cedar is deadly to snakes.

Get NERD's reptile care sheets for your snake here.

Adult Proven Breeder 1.1 Black Tailed Rat Snake (Gonyosoma jansenii)

This absolutely stunning pair of jansenii has produced a couple of clutches already and are ready to head off to a new home where...
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Rat Snake

2021 Female Albino Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

This adorable little girl is a really unique looking animal with stark white scales and that light pink hue everyone has come to know...
Colubrids Rat Snakes Snakes For Sale
Rat Snake
Our captive bred Rat Snakes are well started, beautiful and make great pets for beginners. NERD Rat snakes are mild-tempered and typically respond well to handling. We guarantee your Rat Snake to be healthy, eating and correctly sexed if indicated.

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