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Theraphosa stirmi (Burgundy Bird-eating tarantula)

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These massive spiders are one of the three largest tarantula species in the world! They originate in French Guyana, and top off a a whopping 11 inches. They are terrestrial, and will thrive in large enclosures that prioritize horizontal space over vertical space. These species are burrowers in the wild, but will usually just prefer a hide such as cork bark to retreat to. Temperature is best kept in the 70s to 80s, and humidity in the 80-90% range. Humidity is very important for the Theraphosa genus, as too low of humidity can cause major issues with molting. They are a defensive species, and handling is generally not advised. In addition to their large fangs, they have urticating hairs that they can flick as a defense mechanism. These hairs are incredibly itchy, and can cause additional problems if they get in the eyes or are breathed in. This gargantuan tarantula is a must have in any collection!

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