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Pterinochilus murinus - Orange Baboon Tarantula

Pterinochilus murinus - Orange Baboon Tarantula

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The pictures are of a larger specimen to indicate what these slings will look like as they grow.

This brightly colored tarantula is a commonly kept, hardy species. These highly defensive spiders originate in Africa and have a large range throughout the continent, with several different color forms known. They are known for their aggressive disposition, and have gained the nickname "Orange Bitey Thing" as a result. They are heavy webbers, and will create vast systems of tunnels throughout the enclosure given several inches of substrate. This species is best kept in the mid 70s to 80s, with a relatively dry humidity around 60-70%. However, they are quite hardy, and can survive in a wide range of climates. This species is incredibly fast, defensive, and have a painful bite, and should not be handled as a result. These spiders are an entertaining staple in any enthusiast's collection!


Pterinochilus murinus Tarantula for Sale