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Poecilotheria metallica - Sapphire Gooty

Poecilotheria metallica - Sapphire Gooty

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Unsexed slings. Photos in ad are of older animals.

This brilliantly colored species is one of the treasures of the spider world. The Sapphire Gooty is a bright blue arboreal species that originates in central southern India. They are actually considered critically endangered in the wild, but have been thriving in the hobby thanks to captive breeding. These spiders will top off at 6-8", and will do best in an enclosure that prioritizes vertical over horizontal space to mimic their natural habitat of holes in trees. They will thrive in temperatures in the 70s to 80s, and humidity levels around 65-85%. Like other spiders in the Poecilotheria genus, this species is very fast and has a painful bite, and handling should be avoided. This particular species generally will run away before throwing up a threat posture, but caution should still be taken. This beautiful tarantula makes a phenomenal addition to any experienced hobbyist's collection!


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