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Pelinobius muticus - King Baboon

Pelinobius muticus - King Baboon

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Pelinobius muticus, or the King Baboon, is one of the largest African species of tarantula available in the hobby. This species originates in eastern Africa, and is commonly found in Kenya and Tanzania. It is a large species, with females reaching a legspan of 8-9". These spiders are largely burrowers, and will do best with several inches of substrate to allow them to tunnel in their enclosure. Temperature can be kept in the mid 70s to mid 80s, and humidity is best kept at 60-70%. They can be quite defensive like most old world species, and have a very painful bite. They can even create an intimidating hissing sound by rubbing their legs together. This species is a very slow grower, and is not commonly available in the hobby. This African giant is a must own for any fan of old world tarantulas!

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