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Peach Throat Monitor (Scar)

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NERD gets animals surrendered to our facility on a fairly regular basis. These animals are ones that either weren't being cared for properly or ones that their owners could no longer adequately house.
This Peach throat monitor is one of those animals. It was left be someone who didn't know how to properly care for it and brought to us. If you look in the pictures, you can see that it has some healed scars from the previous keepers. And because this person didn't know exactly what they were getting into, this monitor is not very trusting of people. It is subadult size, probably sitting at 3' total length. We handle her gently with gloves and she prefers to have food left in the enclosure as opposed to being tong fed. It needs a home with low traffic as she gets easily scared by people or animals moving in front of the enclosure.
The cost of this animal is just to cover the time and medication we put in to getting her back to health. Not trying to make money on her, just trying to find a good home.
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