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Oligoxystre diamantinensis - Brazilian Rainbow Dwarf

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The Brazilian Rainbow Dwarf is a gorgeous species of small tarantula recently discovered in tropical Brazil. They stay relatively small, topping off at about 3-4 inches legspan as adults. They exhibit vibrant blues, reds, and greens all over their bodies, somewhat similar in pattern to the greenbottle blue tarantula also of Brazil. They are a primarily terrestrial species, but are also heavy webbers and will gladly web up and climb all over the enclosure and decor. Since they are a dwarf species, the enclosure does not need to be particularly large, but should have a balance of horizontal and vertical space. They have a painful bite and are rather quick, so handling is not advised. This beautiful dwarf species is a great addition to any collection!

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Oligoxystre diamantensis Tarantula for Sale