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Male Captive Hatched Subadult Green Tree Monitor (Varanus prasinus)

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Green Tree Monitors (Varanus prasinus) are one of the most strikingly colored monitor lizards on the planet. They stay a manageable size and are not very shy once they become accustomed to your routine. Our Green Tree Monitors take food off of tongs and are very curious when you open the enclosure.
The males we are offering for sale were initially Captive Hatched at a facility in Indonesia and they have been raised here in the United States. We have a few males available. Most have the shoulder banding and two have a nice teal color to their backs. They are currently eating gut loaded crickets and roaches, ground up hard boiled eggs as well as frozen thawed pinky/fuzzy mice. These make incredible display animals and they can make good pets for intermediate/advanced keepers who are willing to put in the work and time with them.

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