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"Lumpy" PET ONLY 2020 Captive Born Quince Monitor

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"Lumpy" is a Captive Born Quince Monitor that was brought to us in really rough shape. He was barely eating and very dehydrated, but he has made a GIANT comeback and he is doing really well and growing like a weed! He is ready to head to a loving him with someone who is looking for a pet Quince monitor that might need a little bit of "extra care" down the road. You can see in the pictures that he has a bit of a spine deformity over his back legs. He can still move his back legs decently well, he still uses the bathroom regularly and isn't too impaired by this. But we want to be clear that that could change as he grows. He is a bit timid when you first go to take him out, but he isn't inclined to bite. And once he is in your hands, he is pretty easy to work with. He is currently eating calcium dusted/gut loaded insects every other day and frozen thawed pinky mice on occasion. It is a great animal and ready for it's new home.

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