Long-Term Captive Northern Emerald Tree Boa

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Long-Term Captive Northern Emerald Tree Boa

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N.Emerald20 (R5)

We establish our Emeralds slowly and feed them every 10-14 days. They eat meals just large enough to create a lump and avoid feeding larger meals or more often. Even though they may actively want to feed more often it is strongly stated that they do best with longer periods in between feeds. They have a slower metabolism than other boas and require smaller sized perches than you would expect. We feed either live mice or frozen mice. It is critical that the animal has access to a water dish and/or spraying as dehydration is a problem. Ambient temps of 78 - 84F with an available basking spot of 90 - 95F gives them the proper gradients. This species does excellent in a planted and well ventilated vivarium. We will sex the animals on buyers request but do as much as possible initially not to stress out the animal so it settles in best. Our Emeralds are feeding well here @ NERD on rodents. This is a species that does well with minimal interactions until established in your care. Once settled in you may notice the animal hangs its head down in the evening or even when it sees you moving about in the room. This behavior is basically a hunting position and often the animal "begging" for a food opportunity. We LOVE this species, we take pride in providing reliable established animals compared to recent wild caughts which can be incredibly problematic at times. We DO NOT worm these as their fecals show low parasite loads and their GI system is delicate. We have a very reliable source and value their excellent animals!

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