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Long Term Captive Male Boiga dendrophila melanota (Mangrove Snake)

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We have a nice smaller male that is ready to go, not pictured but a very reasonable snake! *REAR FANGED VENOMOUS PLEASE KNOW YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS!*
This is a gorgeous Male Long term captive Mangrove Snake (Boiga dendrophila melanota) that is ready to go. He is roughly 3' long.  Care should be taken with handling and working with this snake as Mangrove snakes are Rear Fanged venomous. He is currently eating frozen thawed quail and chicks as well as live rat crawlers scented with quail/chicks. He has some great coloration and patterning and would make a great display animal, pet for the intermediate/advanced keeper or a great future breeder for someone looking to establish a captive breeding program of mangrove snakes. He does have a bit of nose rub on the end of his nose which can be seen in the pictures. This should clear up within a shed or two.

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