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Linothele megatheloides - Colombian Funnel Web Spider

Linothele megatheloides - Colombian Funnel Web Spider

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These heavy webbing true spiders are a unique addition to the experienced hobbyist's collection! Unlike a vast majority of the other arachnids we offer, these are not actually tarantulas but true spiders. They originate in Colombia, and will reach an adult size of about 4 inches including their long spinnerets. They will do best in an enclosure that allows them to create the elaborate funnel webs they are known for. This can be accomplished with decor such as cork bark or branches, but these spiders can and will cover just about anything with webbing. They will thrive in temperatures in the 70s to 80s, and humidity in the 70-80% range. This species is very fast and skittish, and while not aggressive, does have a quite painful bite and so handling should be avoided. True spiders such as this species are not commonly available, and are ideal for anyone looking to add something a bit different to their collection!

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Linothele megatheloides True Spider for Sale