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Grammostola rosea - Rose Hair

Grammostola rosea - Rose Hair

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These docile spiders are one of the best species for beginners! This species originates in South America, and will reach an adult size of about 5 inches long. They are a terrestrial species, preferring an enclosure that has more horizontal space than vertical space, and a retreat such a a piece of cork bark to hide with. These tarantulas will do best with temperatures in the 70s to 80s, and humidity kept at a decently dry 55-65%. They are known to go for long periods of time without eating, so a healthy looking spider that hasn't eaten for even months is often no reason to panic. They tend to be quite docile, and often can be handled with caution. This species makes an excellent first tarantula, or an easy to care for addition for the hobbyist of any level!

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Grammostola rosea Tarantula for Sale