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Female 2019 Boelens Python (Simalia boeleni)

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Boelen's Pythons (Simalia boeleni) are the Holy Grail of constrictor keeping around the world.
This species is from the mountain forests in New Guinea.
Their magnificent iridescence is almost mesmerizing. These snakes hatch out with a red wash to their pattern and lose that red coloration as they grow. Boelen's pythons can grow upwards of 10' long and they are semiarboreal, so they appreciate a good sized enclosure as adults with opportunities for perching/basking. They are a mid to cool temp species, preferring the mid 70's rather than some other python species that prefer warmer temps.

The animals we are offering are Captive born from a professional facility overseas and they have been with use through a few shed cycles already. They are currently eating pink rats/crawler mice scented with quail/chicks. These are smart and inquisitive snakes. Really great demeanor and they are only going to get better with age. If you have been looking for one of the most beautiful snakes in the world, this is it!

*Individual picture is one of the females that is available. Once purchased through the site, you can have your choice of a couple different options that we have for you to choose from. We do have unrelated animals for those interested in purchasing pairs.*


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