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Eucratoscelus pachypus - Stout Leg Baboon

Eucratoscelus pachypus - Stout Leg Baboon

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This calm and unique looking baboon is a perfect introduction to old world tarantulas! The stout leg baboon originates in Tanzania, and will reach an adult length of about 4 to 5 inches. They possess grey and gold coloring on their bodies, and the females have the stout and fuzzy back legs of their namesake. This is a terrestrial species that burrows, and will prefer an enclosure with several inches of substrate and plenty of horizontal space where they can burrow. Temperatures should be kept in the 70s to 80s, and humidity levels in the 60-70% range. As an old world species, they have a painful bite and should not be handled. Unlike most old world species, however, these are rare to bite and would much rather flee than put up a threat posture. This tarantula is a great addition for anyone looking to get their first old world tarantula, or for someone looking to add a unique new old world species to their collection! 

Eucratoscelus pachypus Tarantula for Sale