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Ceratogyrus marshalli - Great Horned Baboon

Ceratogyrus marshalli - Great Horned Baboon

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The Great Horned Baboon is a fascinating grey and brown tarantula with a unique black horn in the center of their bodies. These spiders originate in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and will reach an adult length of about 5 inches. They are terrestrial, and will also burrow given the chance. As a result, the enclosure should prioritize horizontal space over vertical space, and should also contain several inches of substrate where the spider can burrow. Temperature should be kept in the 70s to 80s, and humidity around the 60-70% level. These spiders are fast and have a painful bite and should not be handled. This species are a great introduction to old world tarantulas, and make a welcome addition to any experienced hobbyist's collection! 

Ceratogyrus marshallii Tarantula for Sale