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Avicularia versicolor - Antilles Pinktoe

Avicularia versicolor - Antilles Pinktoe

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This brightly colored tarantula is popular amongst hobbyists thanks to their colors, calm temperament, and general ease of care. The Antilles Pinktoe is an arboreal species found on various islands in the Caribbean. The young spiderlings are a brilliant, bright blue and will turn green, purple, and red as adults. They will do best with an enclosure that maximizes height over horizontal space, and has decor such as cork bark to provide additional climbing area. They will create funnel shaped webs where they spend much of their time. Temperature should be kept in the 70s to 80s, and humidity in the 60-80% range. This species, like other Avicularia species, thrive with high ventilation. While humidity should be kept in the mentioned range, it is very important to allow airflow throughout as these spiders are susceptible to problems with a lack of airflow. This species is very docile, but tends to be a bit skittish. This gorgeous species is a great starter for anyone looking to get their first arboreal tarantula!

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