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Aphonopelma chalcodes - Arizona Blonde

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Aphonopelma chalcodes: This species is one of, if not the prettiest of the North American Theraposids currently for sale. Contrasting patterning of blonde and shades of dark brown, make these desert tarantulas truly striking in appearance. The common name for these beauties is the Arizona Blonde Tarantula or Desert Blonde Tarantula. Even though they are known as the Arizona blonde they can be found as far South as Mexico. A large tarantula of up to 7 inches, they are also a great starter species for those hoping to get into the monster Bird Eating Tarantulas. Aphonopelma chalcodes is generally quite tractable, and a very popular pet tarantula because of this!


Aphonopelma chalcodes (Desert Blonde ) Tarantula for Sale