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Female 2020 NERD F1 CBB Sumbawa Bright Yellow Locality Asian Water Monitor

Female 2020 NERD F1 CBB Sumbawa Bright Yellow Locality Asian Water Monitor

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Last ONE! We are finally making a small number of outstanding CBB Sumbawa locality Water Monitors available, we are almost sold out! This is the first time that Sumbawa Water Monitors have been produced in captivity in the US! If you like Cumingi take a look at these,! These offspring are from EXCEPTIONAL YELLOW banded adults and will be remarkable SMALLER growing adults. They are currently eating gut loaded/calcium dusted insects daily as well as ground hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, frozen thawed pinky mice. We are working on socializing these babies, but they are a bit flighty when you first go to pick them up from the enclosure. These monitors go through a lot of color change as they grow and develop. Adults often look similar to a Sulphur water monitor with lots of yellow washing over the head and body but brighter. Sumbawas are also a smaller locality of water monitor and most of our adult breeding females are sitting right around the 4' mark (including tail). This is a really great opportunity for you to get a rare locality of water monitor that is not often available and on top of that, Captive Bred!

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