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2020 Male Captive Born Boelen's Python (Simalia boeleni)

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The Boelen's Python has long been the crown jewel of Rare Reptiles in the United States and around the world. They have proven very challenging to reproduce in captivity and have generally only been available in limited quantities. This is a rocking male 2020 Male that was produced at one of our partner facilities in South East Asia in April and delivered to us just days after it was born. He has been eating live and prekilled large mouse fuzzies scented with chick/quail. We have been reducing the amount of scenting that we have been using, so he would likely take unscented rodents soon. He still has his beautiful red baby colors, so you will be able to watch him go through his color change and mature into the rich black and white/yellow snake that has become one of the most desirable reptiles in the world. He is very easy to handle and docile when being handled. Whether you are looking for a truly exceptional pet or a solid future breeder, this guy would be a great option for someone with discerning taste.

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