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2020 Female Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrid (Cyclura lewisi/caymanensis) *Regen tail tip*

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This is a really beautiful Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrid that is ready to go to her new home! She came in to us missing the last bit of her tail, but it has been regrowing nicely and doesn't negatively impact her in any way. She is flighty when you first go to take her out, but she is not very inclined to bite. Once she is in your hands, she is a bit squirmy, but she should mellow out with time and regular handling. The Blue iguanas tend to be fairly bland colored as juveniles, but they start to gain their coloration as they grow. This girl is on an omnivorous diet currently. She is taking gut loaded/calcium dusted crickets as well as a variety of fruits and veggies. Whether you are looking for an exceptional display animal, a gorgeous pet or a future breeder, this girl would be great for you!

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