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2020 CBB Male California Red Sided Garter Snake

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Here we have some absolutely INCREDIBLE 2020 CBB Male California Red Sided Garter snakes that are just about ready for their new homes! These are smart and curious little snakes that are off the charts when it comes to color! California red sided garter snakes have intense red coloration in the sides and they tend to have a gorgeous blue stripe down their back. The male that sired this litter is the second to last picture, the one with the lighter blue dorsal stripe. And the mother of this litter is the last picture with the bright red head. These are top shelf genetics and one of the most amazing North American Colubrids that you can keep! These babies are currently eating chopped earth worms and cut up pinky parts every other day.They are fairly easy going and easy to handle. Would make an outstanding pet or an awesome future breeding project!

 Picture is representative of the babies that are available.

These will be eligible to be shipped around the end of July/beginning of August.


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