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2020 CB Diamondback Water Snakes (Nerodia rhombifer)

2020 CB Diamondback Water Snakes (Nerodia rhombifer)

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This are some Captive Bred Diamondback water snakes that were produced right here at NERD that are ready to go to their new homes! We have some lighter and darker individuals available, males and females. They are currently eating feeder guppies, earth worms and cut up pinky parts 2 times a week. They are a little bit squirmy when being handled, but they are not inclined to bite. The Diamondback water snakes can get upwards of 4' long and they have a very beautiful pattern to them. They would do really well in a 1/2 aquatic 1/2 land enclosure. They should not be kept exclusively in water! This is a great opportunity for someone to get some Captive born babies, so you know you don't have to deal with parasites or overly picky eaters! These would make for an interesting breeding project, display animal or just a really cool pet!

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