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2019 Female Spider 100% Het NERD Line Axanthic Ball Python

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We are really excited about the NERD Line Axanthic animals that we have produced this year. We have been keeping quiet about our Axanthic project the last couple years as we work new things in and start to see what direction we want to take the project in. And we absolutely LOVE what we are seeing. Many of the Axanthic lines out there brown out with age, but we are seeing crisp greys and silvers into adulthood with our line. This is a game changer for those looking for the real deal when it comes to color and the Axanthic gene. The last picture is one of our adult female Axanthic Bumble Bees for reference, she is Not For Sale!

This girl is a well started Spider that is 100% Het for NERD line Axanthic. She is currently eating live mice once a week and will be swapped to frozen thawed once established.

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