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2019 Female Pastel Hidden Gene Woma Micro Scale Ball Python

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We are really excited about the Micro Scale Project! One of our first big seasons producing Micro Scale Ball Pythons and we didn't get any infertile eggs and we produced several scaleless animals that are doing well. This project is full of potential and we have been very select with what animals we let go from this project. Making sure that we do our due diligence in making sure that this project is to the caliber that is expect from NERD. And the micro scale gene has surpassed our expectations!

This is a really amazing female micro scale combo from our Super Micro Scale Project. So if you have been wanting to get in on this amazing project and get in a step ahead of everyone else on the world of Super Microscale (Scaleless) Ball Pythons, this girl is an amazing animal to get that rolling. Eating live hopper mice once a week and she is being housed in a 6 quart plastic shoe box style enclosure. Get in on this project before everyone else! There is so much potential, we are just scraping the edge!

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