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2019 Female NERD Goldenchild Cow Reticulated Python

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This is an absolutely stunning female Goldenchild Cow Reticulated Python produced right here at NERD. She is being offered live mice once a week and will be swapped to fresh killed/frozen thawed as soon as she is established. Really mild mannered animal, like our Cow retics tend to be. These go through a very drastic color/pattern change as they grow. She will start to get all kinds of spots and speckles starting at her next few sheds. We are really excited to see how this one will grow. She will be really beautiful.

She has a little bit of head rub, but that should go away after a few sheds.

*First photo is a representative of what most Goldenchild cows tend to look like as adults. They can have varying amounts of speckling though and every single cows speckling is unique.*

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