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2019 F1 Possible Female Captive Born Varanus salvadorii (Crocodile Monitor)

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This is an incredible opportunity for someone to get a F1 Captive Born Baby Crocodile Monitor. We are only making a select amount of these animals available and it will be first come first serve. Crocodile Monitors are at the top of most Varanid Keepers favorite lists. They are intelligent, fast, agile and they have incredibly sharp teeth and claws. These are only for the most advanced monitor keepers. We believe that this is a female, but we can not guarantee sex on Crocodile Monitors this small. It is currently eating gut loaded and calcium dusted insects, ground turkey, cut up pieces of fish and chicken. This one is shy, so you will need to go slow with handling and trust building. We are working with socializing it while it is here with us. This animal has incredible color and pattern. Nice big oceli down the back and crisp black patterning, this will be an exceptional looking adult.

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