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2020 CBB NERD X Hypo Celeb Water Monitors

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This clutch has some out of this world coloration! We paired up one of our long term captive male Hypo Celebensis water Monitors to a CBB 3rd Generation Captive Bred female from our own breeding stock. And we are incredibly pleased with the resulting offspring. About half of the clutch has a right orange/yellow coloration in the throat that spans down to the shoulders. And they all have a bright yellow base color. They are being socialized and have started off really well. Some are very tractable and they will be sold as first come, first serve. Celebe water monitors are a small locale/subspecies, so we expect these to stay smaller than your Common Asian Water Monitors. Currently eating gut loaded and calcium dusted crickets and roaches. We are also offering them ground turkey, mixed with mashed hard boiled egg and cut up pieces of chicken. These are going to be some exceptional animals when they reach maturity. So don't miss out on these babies!

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