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2019 CB NERD Black Dragons

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We hatched out some PHENOMENAL captive bred NERD Black Dragons! These guys have already been started with socialization and are some of the most inquisitive and friendly Black Dragons to date! These guys are absolutely killer and just top of the line Black Dragons. They are currently being offered feeder crickets and roaches, chopped up chicken and ground turkey, and frozen thawed fuzzy mice!

We are only offering up a few at this time, as several have already been spoken for. They will not be ready to be shipped out for another month maybe a little more, so once payment is made we will not send them until we feel they have eaten enough and been established enough until they'll thrive in a new location.

We ship all months of the year. We have been shipping and selling for over 20 years and have an amazing track record getting our customers their animals in a timely and SAFE manner. We will not ship until we confirm the order with you and confirm that you will have someone home to receive your new pet. 

If you have any questions regarding specific animals or you feel more comfortable dealing with us directly you can contact us via email at