2018 Male CBB Socialized T- Albino Asian Water Monitor #1

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2018 Male CBB Socialized T- Albino Asian Water Monitor #1

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This is an absolutely ROCKING Male T-/T+ Albino combo that we are making available! He is roughly a year and a half old and he is very docile and friendly. Comes right out of the enclosure onto your hand and is content to hang out on your shoulder while you are relaxing or walking around. The T- Albino Water Monitors tend to hatch out pink and yellow and as they mature, they tend to be more white and yellow. He is covered in a bit of dirt, due to digging in his enclosure, but you can see he has some great coloration overall still! He is currently eating frozen thawed rodents, cut up pieces of chicken and fish, gut loaded and calcium dusted crickets and roaches as well as scrambled eggs. He is just shy of 3' long and would make an amazing display animal, pet or breeder for someone looking to get in on one of the rarer monitor projects in the US.

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We at New England Reptile want to make sure that your animal makes it to you not only alive but safely. We pride ourselves on our professional packaging to ensure that your animal will be protected during the stress of shipment. We have shipped safely year round for years and will continue to do so as the weather allows.

We offer a live arrival guarantee. We do not offer any guarantee past your animal arriving safely as the animals we have available for sale are well started, eating, and in perfect health when they leave the facility.

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