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2017 Black Roughneck Monitor (Varanus rudicollis)

2017 Black Roughneck Monitor (Varanus rudicollis)

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This is an incredible (suspected male) Black Roughneck Monitor! He is an animal that we have been raising from the time it was a hatchling. It is a little skittish when being taken out of the enclosure, but not bad to handle once out. Currently eating frozen thawed rodents, cut up pieces of fish and chicken, ground up hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. And he won't turn down a nice big roach! These are an incredible mid sized monitor for anyone who wants an Urban Dinosaur, but in a slightly smaller package. He is currently around 3' long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. The tip of his tail isn't perfectly straight, but it doesn't effect him in any way.

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