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2019 Female Bell's Phase Lace Monitor (Varanus varius)

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Lace Monitors are not commonly seen in U.S. Reptile collections and the Bell's Phase is one of the most sought after monitor variations. Lace monitors are semi arboreal and appreciate climbing space as well as a good sized water enclosure. This 3' girl is a 2019 animal who is currently eating frozen thawed or fresh killed rodents, gut loaded/calcium dusted roaches, scrambled eggs, ground turkey, etc. She is rather defensive, as many young lace monitors tend to be, but we are working on socializing her. For the time being, gloves are recommended. She is growing quickly and would make an incredible display animal or future breeder for someone serious about producing these incredible monitors. She has a medium sized scar on the back right side of her back. It does not negatively impact her, merely cosmetic.

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