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Mid 2019 Captive Hatched Peach Throat Monitor (Varanus jobiensis)

Mid 2019 Captive Hatched Peach Throat Monitor (Varanus jobiensis)

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This is a really beautiful Captive Hatched 2019 Peach-throat monitor that we are making available. It looks to be a male and he is rather skittish. We are working on socialization, but peach throats tend to be a bit more high strung than our water monitors. Peach Throat monitors can be a great mid-sized monitor for someone who wants something a bit more advanced than a tegu but doesn't want something as big as a Water Monitor. He is currently eating gut loaded and calcium dusted insects every day or every other day as well as frozen thawed pinky mice, ground up hard boiled egg and ground turkey. He is very hesitant when being handled and we recommend using gloves to get him acclimated to regular handling.

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