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2019 Captive Born Possible Female Crocodile Monitor (Varanus salvadorii)

2019 Captive Born Possible Female Crocodile Monitor (Varanus salvadorii)

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Crocodile Monitors are the pinnacle of Monitor Keeping in the United States. They have incredible coloration and have powerful claws and teeth. This animal is a Captive Born baby that was produced in Indonesia at a reptile breeding facility. We got it when it was under 7 days old and we have been been working with and socializing it since then. They are just coming up on 4 months old and have taken really well to our handling and socialization here at NERD. It is currently eating gut loaded/calcium dusted insects, frozen thawed fuzzy mice and pinky rats, scrambled eggs, cut up pieces of chicken and fish. If you put the work in and continue gentle socialization, this could be an absolutely incredible pet animal.

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