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3.5' Female Princess Diamond Boa

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For those who are serious about their boa collections and breeding projects, this is the animal for you! This is an INCREDIBLE female Princess Diamond (Leucisitic/Super Fire) Boa that we are making available! She is 3.5-4' long and slamming frozen thawed medium rats once a week. There is a lot of potential with the Fire/Leucistic boa project and we are just starting to see what can really be done with this mutation. She is a little huffy when you pick her up, but otherwise very easy to work with. She could potentially breed next season with the right feeding regime! So if you have been looking to get into the Leucistic boa project and want a HUGE headstart on those people who are just starting out with babies! Top of the line animal, whether you are looking for an incredible pet or a rockstar female who is nearly ready to breed!

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