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2020 Captive Born Male Boelen's Python (Simalia boeleni)

2020 Captive Born Male Boelen's Python (Simalia boeleni)

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The Boelen's Python has long been considered the Holy Grail of snake keeping in the United States and around the world. These snakes start out a rich maroon color and go through a ontogenetic color change, maturing into a black and white/yellow snake. Boelen's pythons tend to be fairly easy going and easy to work with and handle. This boy was produced at a Reptile breeding facility over seas and brought to us here when it was only a few days old. We have had it for our facility for a several months now and it has been establishing well. It is currently eating frozen thawed mice!  Whether you are looking to get one of these snakes as a pet, future breeder or top of the line display animal, this guy would be a great option for you. He will be available to ship after he takes 2-3 more meals.

** We have one male available right now and can provide pics of this exact animal per request! **

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