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CB Female High White Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus batesii)

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This is a really nice juvenile Captive Born Probable female Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa. Amazon Basins are the crown jewel of arboreal snake keeping. As they grow and go through their ontogenetic color change, they typically gain a blazing white stripe down their back as the rest of their body turns green. Basins tend to have a much more calm demeanor than Northern Emerald Tree Boas, Amazon Tree Boas and Green Tree Pythons.
This one is already eating prekilled and frozen thawed mouse fuzzies once every 7-10 days. She is already dripping in white markings and is just going to get better as she grows! She is going to be the trophy of whoever's collection she ends up in! She has bold white markings on her sides as well as nice white down her back. We are really tempted to hold this girl back!

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