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Xenesthis imannis - Colombian Lesserblack - Female

Xenesthis imannis - Colombian Lesserblack - Female

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Xenesthis imannis: A large sized tarantula that is often seen for sale as a Colombian Lesserblack Tarantula. This tarantula is a burrowing species commonly found in Colombia, as well as Peru, where it has a mutually beneficial or “symbiotic” relationship with small frogs. The frogs protect the tarantula’s fragile egg sac, and in return the spider protects the amphibian from potential predators. These spiders have BEAUTIFUL shades of pink and purple contrasted by a black base color. Curly, brightly colored hairs cover their abdomens. A very large spider reaching lengths of up to 9″ or 10″! These bird eating spiders are some of the most striking available for sale in the United States, and a must have in any Tarantula collection.

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Female Xenesthis imannis (Colombian Lesserblack) Tarantula for Sale